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Acquire, process & index content from many data sources

Connectors and Content Processing 

A scalable & resilient server cluster for content acquisition & content processing. Process and publish content securely.


Process content using multithreaded, high performance, pipelines of components. Built on OSGi.

Get Started & Install Aspire

Install Aspire, an Aspire connector application, and an Aspire publisher application. 

Aspire introduction 

Aspire 5.0 features

Prerequisites to Connectors and Content Processing

Getting Started

How to Install Aspire


Configure and maintain Aspire deployments 

How to Configure Aspire


Release Notes & FAQ

Aspire release notes

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

*Aspire 5.0 Connector and Publisher details

Aspire Basic bundled. Aspire Basic is restricted (via licensing) to systems that contain less than 1 million documents.
Aspire Enterprise allows crawling up to 5 million documents.
Please check Aspire Product Categories for additional details.
For Licensing details, see Aspire Registration and Licensing


Search & Content Analytics provides enterprise search & big data expertise, consulting & integration services.

Connector Framework


Access pre-built connectors currently included in Aspire 5.0.

Azure Identity Connector

Group Expansion Connector

File System Connector

SharePoint Online Connector

Publishers (In Progress)

Access the pre-built publishers for Aspire* from the following categories.

Elasticsearch Publisher (In Progress)

File System Publisher


Extending Aspire (In Progress)

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