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NoSQL DB provider supported by the Aspire 5.0.2 release:

  • Elasticsearch/Kibana versions 7.15.2.

  • OpenSearch version 1.1 

Java version supported

  • OpenJDK 11.

New Features

  • Connectors:
    • Amazon S3.
    • DBServer.
    • Elasticsearch.
    • Kafka.
    • REST:
      • Added Entity Type identifier.
      • Verified support for arrays returned in the root.
      • Fetch content for absolute Urls. 
    • SharePoint Online:
      • SharePoint Online Authentication by using Delegated Permissions (OAuth) within Azure Apps.
  • Publishers:
    • DBServer.
    • Kafka.
    • Microsoft Graph.
  • NoSql Providers:
    • Now supporting OpenSearch version 1.1 (based on Elasticsearch 7.10.2). No dashboards supported yet. 
  •  Workflow:
    • Amazon S3 & File System Binary Store.
    • Binary Store Components:
      • Writer.
      • Reader.
      • Delete.
    • Mimetype Normalizer.
    • Poi Renderer (Thumbnails).

Bug Fixes

  • Aspire Framework:
    • Configurations:
      • Memory options ignored on the file.
    • NoSQL Provider:
      • Nodes are not shutting down in the time expected, having Elasticsearch down (after fixing retry logic). Known issue on 5.0.1.
  • Connectors:
    • RDB Tables:
      • No recovering action after killing the NoSql Provider during a crawl. Known issue on 5.0.1.
    • REST:
      • Improved UX by adding controls to collapse the Rule Conditions.
      • Credential field non-required for Connection.
      • ID attribute appearing twice once published. Known issue on 5.0.1
  • Publishers:
    • Elasticsearch:
      • HTTPS option not supported for the 'Host and port' option. Known issue on 5.0 and 5.0.1.

Known Issues & Future Improvements

  • Aspire Framework:
    • Improve Job cleanup for idle connectors.
    • Manager source info initialization errors.
    • Nodes are not shutting down in the time expected having ES down.
    • Throttling is considering control items during the crawl.
  • Aspire UI
    • Seeds field should be required for any type of Schedules.
    • UI actions are limited for users with both Admin and Operator roles.
    • Edit page for Seeds loading empty rare times.
    • Add Delete Policies to Connections UI (all connector types).
    • Some UX issues on navigation (page size, tag filter, etc.).
    • Resizing name column does not do the same for the text contained.
    • filtering by name does not support the underscore character. Workaround: use the dash character as separator; do not use space and underscore. 
    • Help button broken for all the pages. 
  • Connectors:
    • DBServer:
      • Incremental Crawl option enabled but crawl type is not supported.
    • SharePoint Online:
      • Error crawling long URLs.
  • Publishers:
    • DBServer.
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