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NoSQL DB provider supported by the Aspire 5.0.3 release:

  • New Elasticsearch/Kibana versions supported (7.17.4)
  • OpenSearch v. 1.1

Java version supported

  • OpenJDK 11

New Features

  • Connectors
    • Documentum DQL
    • Dropbox
    • Elasticsearch Lookup Caches
    • LDAP Identity
    • REST
      • Alternate query body format.
      • Allow Persistent Variables.
      • RequesterImpl - Update how headers are added.
      • Option to specify headers for each query request.
      • Option to configure a proxy.
      • Inherit data from parent query to child query (at document level).
      • Groovy editor popup like the one for Workflows.
    • ServiceNow
      • inherit Knowledge Base User Criteria for Knowledge Article items
      • Add deny ACL
    • VeevaVault - New Connector
  • UI
    • Grovy editor popup like the one for Workflows.
    • Add option to copy entities
    • Extensions page error messages are not clear
    • Make code DXF control window bigger
    • Allow pause and abort actions while the seed status is pausing or aborting
  • Framework
    • Add Delete Policies to Connections UI (all connector types).
    • Improved job distribution for crawls (connectorMaxBatchSize & workerRoundRobin)
    • Jobs Performance Statistics.
    • Seed allocation to use routing tags.
    • Property for Seeds that not support incremental crawls.
    • Autostart enabled using environment property.
  • Workflow
    • Language Detector
    • Summarizers
      • Parquet Summarizer Executor
      • RDB Summarizer Executor
      • Sample Summarizer
      • SaS Summarizer Executor
      • Valuecount Summarizer
      • Tesseract OCR

Bugs Fixes

  • Aspire Framework
    • General
      • Improve Job cleanup for idle connectors. Known issue on 5.0.2.
      • Manager source info initialization errors. Known issue on 5.0.2.
      • custom connectorMaxBatch size does not throw all the expected messages
      • Process Deletes add check to avoid infinite loop due to cyclic parent references
    • NoSQL Provider
      • Nodes are not shutting down in the time expected, having ES down. Known issue on 5.0.2.
  • Connectors
    • DBServer
      • Incremental Crawl option enabled, but crawl type is not supported.
    • REST
      • Add option to specify connection throttling
    • ServiceNow
      • Public custom permissions must be reflected in the ACLs
      • Multiple roles are not processed for Catalog Items
      • Hierarchy exception crawling KA
    • Publishers
      • Publisher Framework
        • Batch monitor thread is not stopped when publisher is removed
      • Elasticsearch Publisher
        • The complete URL expects "/_bulk"
      • DBServer Publisher
        • DXF errors
      • File System Publisher
        • is displayed in JSON format in the file
  • UI
    • Some UX issues on navigation (page size, tag filter, etc.)
    • Resizing name column does not do the same for the text contained.
    • Narrow popup windows for WF applications.
    • Delete / Delete Incremental is missing in policy help pane
    • Credentials must be required when creating Veeva Vault connector
    • Rename "Index directories/binders" with "Index containers" in Veeva Vault Connections page
    • Error message is overlapping connection settings of Veeva Vault connection when scrolled down
    • Error message is overlapping with the response page size when API Base Version is invalid for Veeva Vault

Known Issues

  • Aspire Framework
    • Throttling is considering control items during the crawl.
  • Aspire UI
    • Edit page for Seeds loading empty rare times.
    • Seeds field should be required for any type of Schedule.
    • UI actions are limited for users with both Admin and Operator roles.
    • Filtering by name does not support the underscore character. Workaround: use the dash character as a separator; do not use space and underscore.  
  • Connectors
    • SharePoint Online
      • Error crawling long URLs.

External Technical Limitations

  • Connectors
    • ServiceNow
      • Security changes are not picked up by an incremental crawl

Migrating from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3

Update the aspire-mappings index to refresh mappings

PUT aspire-audit/_mapping
  "properties": {
    "audit.timestamp": {
      "type": "date"
    "audit.seedId": {
      "type": "keyword"
    "audit.crawlId": {
      "type": "keyword"
    "audit.type": {
      "type": "keyword"
    "audit.worker": {
      "type": "keyword"
    "audit.statistics.seedId": {
      "type": "keyword"
    "audit.statistics.connectionId": {
      "type": "keyword"
    "audit.statistics.connectorId": {
      "type": "keyword"
    "": {
      "type": "keyword"

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