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Aspire Basic distribution includes a framework for building or developing your Aspire components or applications. It includes:

  • Aspire content processing for production systems based on document volume: <1M documents (total)
  • Most Aspire components (for a complete list of all available components, see the Aspire Component Library)

  • Pre-built connectors for extracting data from local file systems and/or relational databases: File System, FTP, RSS, RDBMS, Aspider Web Crawler

    • File system connector does not support document level security. Document level file system crawler bundled with Aspire Enterprise

    • Workflow with Groovy rules or stages, which allows you to create custom processing scripts on the fly.

  • Search engine publisher applications for Solr, Amazon Cloudsearch, GSA, Elasticsearch, FS4SP, Fast Content API, SharePoint 2013, File System Staging repository:
    for sending the extracted data to a search engine for indexing,


As of Aspire 3.2, Aspire Community is no longer supported.

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