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The Test DXF tool allows you to enter DXF templates and properties in to a web page, and click a button to render the template. You can then modify the code/properties iteratively to construct the form you want. Once you've got things looking and functioning how you want, then take the DXF and use it in your application.

On this page:

Accessing the DXF development tool

Too use the development tool, you must be running Aspire. The tool is accessed using a web browser, by navigating to http://localhost:50505/aspire/admin/ui/files/#/testdxf

This should display the following page:

  1. Property Format
    • Select this option to see the configuraion in a property format, this is the format used by the workflow, when saving applications
  2. Dxf Template
    • In this area you put the dxf template you want to test
  3. Configuration
    • In this are you get the resulting configuration of the dxf, this will fill up your template when rendered
  4. Render
    • Click this button when you want to render your configuration
  5. Back to Default
    • This page has an example of all the available controls.
  6. Clear Dxf
    • Will clear the information of the in the Dxf Template area.
  7. Clear Configuration
    • Will clear the information of the in the Configuration area.
  8. Theme
    • Change the theme for the text areas


Rendering the Dxf

When you have entered the template and properties you want, click the Render DXF button. This will cause a dialog to be displayed, using your DXF template. If you've entered properties, these will be used to initialise the template, and the form will appear populated.

You can then use the form as you would in an application and all selection/pull down/input elements should function. You can now test that your template looks and functions are you require.

  1. Close
    • Close the window without doing anything
  2. Write
    • Click this button and the data contained on the form will be written to the Configuration area.
  3. Cancel
    • Close the window without doing anything

Configuration Display

Once you click on the write button, the display window will disappear and the configuration will appear in the Configuration area.

  1. Configuration generated from the Dxf template

  1. Configuration generated from the Dxf template and the properties option checked