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Aspire core releases are given version numbers to help identify what software an Aspire solution is built upon.

The version number contains a major version, left most digit, that is reserved to denote the overall architecture.

The second digit represents the minor version and denotes a release with new features.

The third number, if present represents the stability release version, this denotes a release with multiple "bug fixes".

In rare cases there can be a fourth digit, if necessary, to release a version with one or just a few bug fixes.

Currently, the version numbers for Aspire connectors are the same as the major and minor releases. For example the Jive connector and Aspire core are both 2.1.

Over time, the version numbers after the major digit can diverge. For example, with the release of Aspire 2.0 the version dependencies between Aspire core and connectors and Publishers was eliminated. This allowed Search Technologies to release new versions of connectors or publishers between Aspire core releases.

The major version number must always match.

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