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Use the following instructions to complete a manual installation of the Enterprise Search UI on a Windows or GNU/Linux system.


Create a directory that will be your Enterprise Search UI home directory.

  • This can be anywhere. On a Windows system, you can do it at the root of the C disk. On GNU/Linux, you can place inside /opt
  • This directory will be referred to as <ENTERPRISE_SEARCH_HOME> in the documentation below.

2. Install Third Party Software

Before installing the Enterprise Search UI servers and User Interfaces, you will need to install the necessary third party components.

These include:

  • Java
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • Git
  • and others

See the link below to install these pieces.

See Prerequisites - Third Party Software

3. Download Enterprise Search source code

The Enterprise Search UI provides a complete set of components for basic search purposes (hosted via NodeJS) build with Angular 6.  It also includes a Search API know as (SEIAserver) build in Nodejs. 

Installing the Enterprise Search UI and SEIAserver

  1. Place the source code into:  <ENTERPRISE_SEARCH_HOME>/EnterpriseSearch

  2. Clone the repository: 
       git clone ssh://[email protected]:7999/st/search-stack.git *  or
       git clone

    Remember to set up ssh keys in your machine if you want to clone via ssh. Follow official documentation Set up an SSH key

  3. Run the following commands:

         cd <ENTERPRISE_SEARCH_HOME>/EnterpriseSearch
         npm install -g @angular/cli   (This command should be run as administrator, if you are on a GNU/Linux system use sudo)
         npm install 

  4. Change the remote origin to your local git repository
         git remote set-url origin <Your project repository>


  1. When starting up the UI:  Error: Cannot find module
  • Re-run the "npm install" commands (step 3 above)

Review the Search Engine Installation or start the services, please check it at the Getting Started With Enterprise Search UI page starting at section 3