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Beginning with release 3.0, Aspire uses an external MongoDB instance for connectors built with the new NoSQL Connector Framework. The database is used to keep crawl metadata and allow processing and scanning to be distributed. All MongoDB configuration is done in the settings.xml file. 

Basic Example:


Code Block
  <!-- noSql database provider for the 3.1 connector framework -->
  <noSQLConnectionProvider sslEnabled="false" sslInvalidHostNameAllowed="false">

Aspire will create one MongoDB database for each content source configured. When the content source is deleted, the database will be dropped. The database name will the taken from the normalised value of the content source name. Starting in Aspire 3.1, the database names will be prefixed with "aspire-" to avoid possible conflicts of name. If you wish to change the prefix, add a "namespace" to the configuration:


sslEnabledtrueEnables the ssl on the Aspire MongoDB client
sslInvalidHostNameAllowedtrue/falseDisables the hostname verification from the SSL validation

You also need to include the certificate into a java keystore, to configure it follow the instructions on Crawling via HTTPs

X.509 Authentication

Aspire 3.1 only supports authenticating to MongoDB using X.509.