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  • Aspire content processing for production systems based on document volume: >1M documents (total)

  • File System, RDB, FTP, RSS, CIFS, RDBMS, Aspider Web Crawler connectors
  • Support for Staging repository
  • All other connectors are sold separately and are not part of the Enterprise bundle
  • The other connectors are referred to as Premium and are indicated by the icon  Image Removed
  • All Search engine publisher applications, such as:
    Solr, Amazon Cloudsearch, GSA, Elasticsearch, FS4SP, Fast Content API, SharePoint 2013, File System Staging repository
  • Support for distributed processing
  • Support for content source failover
  • Telephone support (8x5 or 24x7)
  • Access to SNAPSHOT releases of the software for advance availability of new features