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Acquire, Process and Index Content from Many Data Sources

Extensible Component Pipelines for Content Processing


Connectors and Content Processing

A scalable & resilient server cluster for content acquisition & content processing. Process and publish content securely.


Process content using multi-threaded, high performance, pipelines of components. Built on OSGi.

Get Started & Install Aspire

Aspire Introduction
Prerequisites to Connectors and Content Processing
Install Aspire, an Aspire connector application, and an Aspire publisher application. Get an idea of how to install Aspire applications using the Admin UI.
Getting Started Tutorial

Aspire Administration

Configure and maintain Aspire deployments manged through the Admin UI. An Aspire system administrator (or several) may be responsible for different content sources. Learn how to use Admin UI.
General administration
Content management
Admin UI
Aspire Cloudera Parcel and Aspire Cloudera Services

Release Notes

Aspire release notes

Services and Workflow

Search Technologies provides enterprise search & big data expertise, consulting & integration services, and applications. Applications contain configurable components so you can create solutions to acquire data from your content repositories.

*Aspire 3.1 Connector and Publisher details

Feature only available with Aspire Premium  Aspire Premium are licensed separately from other distributions
Feature only available with Aspire Enterprise  Aspire Enterprise bundled are included in the Enterprise distribution
(No icon)  Aspire Basic bundled are included in the Basic and Enterprise distributions
Feature is open source Open source

Aspire Community will no longer be supported as of Aspire 3.2