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SharePoint Security Pre-Trimmer
Currently Supporting:

SharePoint 2013 and 2016

Aspire Group Expander 3.2

Security trimming is available within SharePoint itself. To make this work, a SecurityTrimmerPre interface must be created.

The ISecurityTrimmerPre interface adds claims to the query prior to the security trimming; so it executes “pre” (prior to) the security trimmer. With the exception of deny ACLs, the function of the ISecurityTrimmerPre module is to always add results to the result set, rather than to remove them. In this sense, it is the opposite of a security trimmer.

It is critical to understand that if the ISecurityTrimmerPre interface malfunctions, then you get no secure search results. (If it performed "classic" security trimming and malfunctioned, then you would get back extra unauthorized results.) On each search request, the Security Pre-Trimmer is invoked to enhance the search query with ACL information. This information is retrieved from an Aspire Group Expander (LDAP, Lotus Notes ...)


The following items are required by this component:

  • SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016
  • Group Expansion REST Service

A separate service from group expansion can be used if:

  • It is a REST endpoint that accepts the parameter username.
  • The response is an xml with the same format as this one.

URL Request

XML Response



I. Download and uncompress deployment package

  1. Get the latest deployment package from here.
  2. Download and uncompress.

II. Configure installation settings

Configure the setup settings in the configurationParameters.xml file located under \Deploy\config.

      <searchApplicationName>Search Service Application</searchApplicationName>
      <userProfileWebApp>[WEB APPLICATION URL]</userProfileWebApp>
      <!-- Valid values: INFO, WARN, ERROR -->

The Security Trimmer section defines the properties that the Trimmer component needs to access the group expansion service in order to verify the claims of a user requesting documents.

Group Expansion ServiceUrl of the Aspire Group Expansion service
Group Expansion TimeoutTimeout to wait for Group Expansion response
Use DomainUse domain in security trimmer
Claim IssuerIf you are using "Use Aspire" option in the SharePoint2013 Publisher, type "aspire"
Search Application NameName of the Seach Application
IdThe trimmer instance Id in SharePoint. Default is 1.
Assembly VersionVersion of the trimmer dll registered on the GAC
User Profile Web AppSpecifies the url of a custom ACL service.  Leave empty to use Aspire.
Minimum Event LevelSpecifies what level of logging should the trimmer use

III. Run setup script

  1. Install the Security Pre-Trimmer on all servers hosting a Query Processing component. Check this from SharePoint Central Administration > Manage Service Applications > Search Service Application.
  2. Make sure all firewalls to the Aspire server are open for the Aspire service port (default: 50505).
  3. From the Deploy\scripts folder, run the corresponding DeployAspireSecurityTrimmer script in a SharePoint Management Shell (run as Administrator): 

    .\DeployAspireSecurityTrimmer_2013.ps1 -configurationFilePath ..\config\configurationParameters.xml
    .\DeployAspireSecurityTrimmer_2016.ps1 -configurationFilePath ..\config\configurationParameters.xml
  4. To make sure the security trimmer DLL is registered correctly, restart the SharePoint Search Host Controller service.

Consider that default value public for the claimIssuer field in the securityTrimmer section will make all the documents visible. This applies for both configuration files, the main and the one defined for every connector configured for SharePoint.


Manual Removal

  1. Open your preferred internet explorer (IE, Chorme, FireFox, etc) with the "Run as Administrator" option. Otherwise, you will not be able to accomplish the next two steps due to a SharePoint error. 
  2. Go to SharePoint Central Admin > System Settings Manage Farm Solutions
  3. Select aspiresecuritytrimmer.wsp and Retract Solution.
  4. In the following page, make sure the option under Retract When? is set to Now.
  5. Select OK.

Automatic Removal

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell as administrator.

    A machine and farm administrator user is needed for this.

  2. Go to the Deploy\scripts directory.

  3. Run the following: 

    .\UninstallAspireSecurityTrimmer.ps1 -configurationFilePath ..\config\configurationParameters.xml


To reconfigure the Pre-Trimmer follow the next steps:

  1. Retrieve the current settings in the SharePoint Management Shell 

    PS C:\> $ssa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication
    PS C:\> Get-SPEnterpriseSearchSecurityTrimmer -SearchApplication $ssa
    SearchApp     : SearchServiceApplication Name=Search Service Application
    Id            : 1
    TypeName      : AspireSecurityTrimmer.AspireSecurityPreTrimmer, AspireSecurityTrimmer, Version=,
                    Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e87e053e181b45ec
    Properties    : ge~http://localhost:50505/groupExpansion~geTimeout~15000~claimIssuer~aspire~useDomain~false~
    IsPrePhase    : True
    CrawlRulePath : {0}{}

2. Remove the Security Pre-Trimmer using the Id from the previous step as Identity by running the following command: 

Remove-SPEnterpriseSearchSecurityTrimmer -SearchApplication $ssa -Identity <id goes here>

3. Re-register the Security Pre-Trimmer with the necessary changes (i.e. increased timeout)

New-SPEnterpriseSearchSecurityTrimmer -Id 1 -TypeName "AspireSecurityTrimmer.AspireSecurityPreTrimmer, AspireSecurityTrimmer, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=e87e053e181b45ec" -SearchApplication $ssa -Properties "ge~http://localhost:50505/groupExpansion~geTimeout~2000~claimIssuer~aspire~useDomain~false~"

Restart the SharePoint Search Host Controller service (spsearchhostcontroller) now.

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