Aspire Open Source Components

Aspire uses a number of open source components, as described in the Active Components table below.

To request a more recent version of a component, contact the Aspire Support group. We will respond to your request and attempt to fulfill it with a re-release of the component, if practical.

Please be aware that some components are rarely used, and updating them could require updates to other modules currently in use. We must balance component updates with maintaining a stable system.

Active Components

960-Grid-SystemUnspecifiedMIT License
Aether :: API1.7Apache License 2.0
Aether :: Connector :: Wagon1.7Apache License 2.0
Aether :: Implementation1.7Apache License 2.0
Aether :: SPI1.7Apache License 2.0
Aether :: Utilities1.7Apache License 2.0
Ajax4JSFUnspecifiedApache License 2.0
alertify.js-rlv0.3.18MIT License
angular.jsv1.6.10MIT License
angular.js1.3.20MIT License
angular-bootstrap-datetimepicker0.3.15MIT License
angular-route1.6.10MIT License
AngularUI Bootstrap0.13.0MIT License
Apache Abdera1.1.3Apache License 2.0
Apache ActiveMQ5.9.0 (1)Apache License 2.0
Apache Avalon Framework4.1.3Apache License 1.1
Apache Avalon Log Kit1.0.1Apache License 1.1
Apache Avro - org.apache.camel:camel-avro1.8.0Apache License 2.0
Apache Axis2/Java1.4Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons BeanUtils1.9.3Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons CLI1.4Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Collections3.2.2Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Compress1.8Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons CSVcommons-csv-1.7Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Daemon1.0.10Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Exec1.3Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons FileUpload1.3.1Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons FileUpload1.2.2Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Lang3.8.1 (1)Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Text1.1Apache License 2.0
Apache Curatorapache-curator-4.2.0Apache License 2.0
Apache Directory Project - ApacheDS1.5.5Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix2.0.0Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Configuration Admin Service1.8.8Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Declarative Services2.0.2Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix EventAdmin1.4.4Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Http Jetty3.1.4Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Log Service1.0.1Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Main5.4.0Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Main2.0.0Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Metatype Service1.1.2Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Servlet API1.1.2Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Shell Service1.4.3Apache License 2.0
Apache Felix Web Management Console4.2.12Apache License 2.0
Apache FtpServer Core1.0.6Apache License 2.0
Apache Geronimo Bundles: json-2009021120090211_1Apache License 2.0
Apache Hadoop2.7.3Apache License 2.0
Apache HttpClient4.5.2Apache License 2.0
Apache HttpComponents Core4.4.4Apache License 2.0
Apache Jakarta Commons CLI1.4Apache License 2.0
Apache Kafka - apache/kafka0.9.0.1Apache License 2.0
Apache Log4j - log4j:log4j2.8.1Apache License 2.0
Apache Maven3Apache License 2.0
Apache NutchUnspecifiedApache License 2.0
Apache ORO2.0.8Apache License 1.1
Apache Solr5.2.1Apache License 2.0
Apache Tika - org.apache.tika:tika1.2Apache License 2.0
Apache Tomcat - apache/tomcat8.0.9Apache License 2.0
Apache XBean :: Reflect3.4Apache License 2.0
Apache ZooKeeper3.4.3Apache License 2.0
Apache-Ant1.8.1Apache License 2.0
Apache-Jakarta Codec1.9Apache License 2.0
Apache-Jakarta JXPath1.3Apache License 2.0
Apache-Jakarta Lang2.6Apache License 2.0
Apache-Jakarta Lucene2.3.2Apache License 2.0
Apache-Jakarta Net3.3Apache License 2.0
appdirs1.4.3MIT License
ASN One (custom 0.4.0)0.4.0Apache License 2.0
asn1.js-rfc25600.4.0MIT License
Atlassian EventUnspecifiedBSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Atlassian Spring Scanner Maven Plugin (custom)UnspecifiedApache License 2.0
avakar/pytomlv0.1.20MIT License
AWS SDK For Java1.11.289Apache License 2.0
Azure/azure-storage-javav8.0.0MIT License
backports.ssl_match_hostname3.5.0.1Python License 2.0
benjaminp/six1.12.0MIT License
Bootstrap3.3.7MIT License
Bootstrap3.3.1MIT License
bower-angular-cookiesv1.6.10MIT License
bower-angular-resourcev1.6.10MIT License
box-java-sdk1.1.0Apache License 2.0
BSONUnspecifiedApache License 2.0
chardet3.0.4GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 or later
Click - Python Command Line Utility7BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
CodeMirror5.10.0MIT License
colorama0.4.1BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Commons CLI1.2Apache License 2.0
Commons Configuration2Apache License 2.0
Commons IO2.6Apache License 2.0
Commons IO2.4Apache License 2.0
Commons Lang3.7Apache License 2.0
Commons Math2.1Apache License 2.0
ContextMenu plugin by Chris Domiganr2MIT License
crawler-commons (custom 0.10)0.1Apache License 2.0
Data Mapper for Jackson - org.codehaus.jackson:jackson-mapper-lgpl1.9.13Apache License 2.0
DataTablesUnspecifiedMIT License
dcerpc (custom 0.10.0)0.10.0BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Derby aka Cloudscape10.8.2.2Apache License 2.0
distlib (custom 0.2.9.post0)0.2.9.post0Python License 2.0
Elasticsearch: Core7.1.1Apache License 2.0
elasticsearch-hadoopUnspecifiedApache License 2.0
eric-meyer-reset.scss1.0.0MIT License
expect4j (custom 1.6)1.6Apache License 2.0
Flask1.1.1BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
fongo (custom 2.1.3-SNAPSHOT)2.1.3-SNAPSHOTApache License 2.0
Font-Awesome4.3.0MIT License
Font-Awesome (Custom 4.3.0 SIL)4.3.0SIL Open Font License 1.1
force-wsc37.0.3BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Google APIs Client Library for Java1.25.0Apache License 2.0
Google Cloud Search Indexing Connector SDK (custom v1-0.0.1)v1-0.0.1Apache License 2.0
Google Collections Library1Apache License 2.0
google-api-services-admin-directory (custom v1-rev105-1.25.0)v1-rev105-1.25.0Apache License 2.0
google-api-services-cloudidentity (custom v1-rev20181218-1.28.0)v1-rev20181218-1.28.0Apache License 2.0
google-api-services-cloudsearch (custom v1-rev18-1.25.0)v1-rev18-1.25.0Apache License 2.0
Groovy - org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-docgenerator2.1.3Apache License 2.0
Gson2.8.5Apache License 2.0
Guava (Google Common Libraries)27.0.1-jreApache License 2.0
hamcrest1.3BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License
Hamcrest Core1.3BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License
Hamcrest JUnit2.0.0.0Eclipse Public License 1.0
Hamcrest library1.3BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License
heritrix3UnspecifiedApache License 2.0
html5lib-python1.0.1MIT License
HtmlUnit2.3Apache License 2.0
httplib-cachecontrolv0.12.5Apache License 2.0
idnav2.8BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
itsdangerous (Custom 1.1.0)1.1.0BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Jackson-annotations2.9.6Apache License 2.0
Jackson-core2.9.6Apache License 2.0
jackson-databind2.9.6Apache License 2.0
Jakarta Commons-Logging1.1.1Apache License 2.0
jansi1.1Apache License 2.0
Java Architecture for XML Binding - javax.xml.bind:jaxb-api2.3.1Common Development and Distribution License 1.1
Java Platform Standard Edition SDK (J2SDK) (JDK) (Custom 13.0.2) (Custom 8u251)8u251Oracle Technology Network License Agreement for Oracle Java SE
Java Servlet API2.4.0Common Development and Distribution License 1.1
JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)1.0.2Sun JavaBeans Activation Framework 1.0.2 License
java-libpst (custom 0.9.5.snapshot)0.9.5.snapshotApache License 2.0
JavaMail1.4.5Common Development and Distribution License 1.1
javax.inject1Apache License 2.0 Development and Distribution License 1.1
jcabi-http1.17.2BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
jcabi-matchers1.4BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
jCIFS1.3.17GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1 or later
JDOM1Jdom License
jersey-media-sse2.22.1Common Development and Distribution License 1.1
JettisonUnspecifiedApache License 2.0
Jinja2 (custom 2.11.1)2.11.1BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
JLine - jline:jline2.11BSD 2-clause "Simplified" License
jmockit1.8MIT License
jqGrid4.4.1MIT License
jquery - jquery/jquery2.1.4MIT License
jquery - jquery/jquery3.4.1MIT License
jquery - jquery/jquery1.6.4MIT License
jquery - jquery/jquery2.1.3MIT License
jquery - jquery/jquery1.6.1MIT License
jquery - jquery/jquery1.7.2MIT License
jQuery Cycle Lite Plugin (custom 1.3)1.3MIT License
jQuery UI - jquery/jquery-ui on GitHub1.7.2MIT License
jraUnspecifiedApache License 2.0
JSch0.1.53JSch License
JSon encoder / decoder (custom 1.3b)1.3bMIT License
JSON In Java (custom 20180813)20180813JSON License
json-simple1.1Apache License 2.0
jsoup1.10.2MIT License
jstree3.3.8MIT License
JUnit4.9Common Public License 1.0
JUnit4.11Eclipse Public License 1.0
later - bunkat/later1.2.0MIT License
license4j-runtime-library (custom 4.6.9)4.6.9License4J End User License Agreement
MapDB1.0.6Apache License 2.0
MarkupSafe1.1.1BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Maven Aether Provider3Apache License 2.0
Maven Model3Apache License 2.0
Maven Model Builder3Apache License 2.0
Maven Repository Metadata Model3Apache License 2.0
Maven Wagon API1.0-beta-6Apache License 2.0
Maven Wagon File Provider1.0-beta-6Apache License 2.0
Maven Wagon HTTP Shared Library1.0-beta-6Apache License 2.0
Maven Wagon Lightweight HTTP Provider1.0-beta-6Apache License 2.0
mbassador1.3.0MIT License
mdbootstrap/perfect-scrollbar0.6.16MIT License
MockFtpServer2.4Apache License 2.0
Mockito1.10.19MIT License
moment2.10.6MIT License
MongoDB Java Driver - org.mongodb:mongo-java-driver3.10.1Apache License 2.0
mostly-later1.2.0MIT License
msgpack-python (Custom 0.6.1)0.6.1Apache License 2.0
multiselectUnspecifiedMIT License
ng-js-tree0.0.10MIT License
nir0s/distrov1.4.0Apache License 2.0
normalize.css3.0.2MIT License
opencsv4.1Apache License 2.0
org.osgi.core4.2.0Apache License 2.0
packaging - pypa/packaging16.8Apache License 2.0
packaging - pypa/packaging19Apache License 2.0
parquet-avro (custom 1.8.1)1.8.1Apache License 2.0
perfect-scrollbar - noraesae/perfect-scrollbar0.6.8MIT License
pip19.2.3MIT License
Plexus :: Component Annotations1.5.5Apache License 2.0
Plexus :: Default Container1.5.5Apache License 2.0
Plexus Classworlds2.2.2Apache License 2.0
Plexus Interpolation API1.14Apache License 2.0
Plexus Project - Plexus Utils1.5.15Apache License 2.0
Porter Stemmer1.4BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
PowerMockpowermock-2.0.2Apache License 2.0
powermock-api-mockito22.0.2Apache License 2.0
powermock-module-junit42.0.2Apache License 2.0
Protocol BuffersUnspecifiedBSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
py-ipaddress1.0.22Python License 2.0
pylockfile0.12.2MIT License
pypa/pep517v0.5.0MIT License
pyparsing/pyparsing2.4.0MIT License
pyparsing/pyparsingpyparsing_2.2.1MIT License
Python (Custom 3.8.2)3.8.2Python License 2.0
python-certifi2019.06.16Mozilla Public License 2.0
python-webencodings0.5.1BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
quartz - quartz-scheduler/quartz2.1.1Apache License 2.0
randomizedtestingUnspecifiedApache License 2.0
requests2.22.0Apache License 2.0
retrying1.3.3Apache License 2.0
rfc39861.3.2Apache License 2.0
Rome1.5.0Apache License 2.0
sal-api (custom 3.2.0-abbce37)3.2.0-abbce37BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
selenium-java3.141.59Apache License 2.0
Servlet Specification 2.5 API6.1.19Apache License 2.0
setuptoolsv41.2.0MIT License
six1.10.0MIT License
SLF4J - org.slf4j:slf4j-parent1.7.25MIT License
SLF4J API Module1.7.25MIT License
slider-proUnspecifiedMIT License
smbj0.9.1Apache License 2.0
Spring Commons Logging Bridge5.1.4.RELEASEApache License 2.0
Spring Security Kerberos1.0.0.RC2Apache License 2.0
spring-framework5.1.4.RELEASEApache License 2.0
subethasmtp3.1.7Apache License 2.0
tabledndUnspecifiedMIT License
The Legion of the Bouncy Castle1.45MIT License
twitter4j4.0.6Apache License 2.0
ui-codemirror0.3.0 (1)MIT License
urllib31.25.3MIT License
verigak/progress1.5ISC License
vkBeautify (custom License
VT Crypt Library2.1.4Apache License 2.0
VT Dictionary Libraries3Apache License 2.0
VT Password Libraries3.1.2Apache License 2.0
Werkzeug (Custom 1.0.0)1.0.0BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
x2jsx2js-1.1.5Apache License 2.0
x2js - abdmob/x2jsv1.1.7Apache License 2.0
XZ for Java - org.tukaani:xz1.5Public Domain