Aspire Enterprise is the full version of Aspire, and includes the following:

How To Purchase Aspire Enterprise

Aspire Enterprise is provided as a maintenance and support-inclusive subscription license. For pricing information contact Accenture Search and Content Analytics (formerly Search Technologies).

Detailed Description

A full list of available repository connectors with descriptions can be found at Connectors; a full list of available. Publishers can be found at Publishers and what they do can be found at Component Library.

Aspire Enterprise is intended for production-quality, enterprise level implementations of Aspire for content acquisition, document processing, and query processing. It includes document level security for connectors and distributed processing for high-speed, content sources crawl failover over multiple Aspire servers, and high-volume operations where Aspire is run on multiple nodes.

System administration of Aspire Enterprise can be done via a web-based System Administration user interface, which requires no programming knowledge to use. Administrators can easily stop and start Aspire servers, add new content sources, install new Aspire applications, schedule crawls, and monitor crawl statistics as data is indexed into your search engine of choice.