Aspire Community has been deprecated and is no longer available to the public. Since Accenture acquired Search Technologies, the pricing structure and licensing system have been updated. Therefore, moving to newer versions or using new components will require an engagement with our Sales Team.

Existing customers may continue to use their current environments as they have been accustomed to doing. Existing users of Aspire Community version can continue to use the software on their current version with no restrictions. However, access to the Search Technologies’ Maven repository will be removed -- so these customers will be unable to upgrade their software (or download new copies from Maven) unless they pay for Aspire Basic. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

New versions of Aspire include:

As before, premium connectors like, Salesforce, Confluence, SharePoint, etc. are available for either Aspire Basic or Aspire Enterprise for an additional charge.

Note:  The CIFS connector has been added to the premium connectors list for future new users. Current users of the CIFS connector are not affected (although current users no longer have access to the Maven repository to download updates unless they purchase Aspire Basic or if they are granted an exception).