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How get WSDL file from URL?

The WSDL can be obtained from the following URL http://example-custhelp.com/cgi-bin/interface.cfg/services/soap?wsdl=typed 

This URL will always return the latest version of the WSDL.
If a previous WSDL version is needed, it can be seen with the following URL https://example-custhelp.com/cgi-bin/interface.cfg/services/soap?wsdl=typed_v(version_number) 

How generate source code from WSDL URL?

  1. Download Axis2 from http://axis.apache.org/axis2/java/core/download.cgi
  2. Decompress the file.
  3. Open a console.
  4. Go to the \bin folder of the uncompressed file.
  5. Execute the command

    wsdl2java -uri http://<domain>.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/<interface>.cfg/services/soap?wsdl -ns2p urn:wsdl.ws.rightnow.com/v1=com.rightnow.ws.wsdl,urn:objects.ws.rightnow.com/v1=com.rightnow.ws.objects,urn:messages.ws.rightnow.com/v1=com.rightnow.ws.messages,urn:common.ws.rightnow.com/v1=com.rightnow.ws.common -u -uw -or
    1. wsdl2java options:

      1. -uri: WSDL location

      2. -ns2p: Set the namespace for each package in the notation of [namespace]=[package], could change between versions of Right Now, see Right Now Getting Started (Axis2) - Creating the Ant Build File

      3. -u: Unpack databinding classes

      4. -uw: Switch on un-wrapping

      5. -or: Overwrite files

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Describe the problem as the user would experience it. For example "Level 7 printer is flashing red and wont print".

The connector is returning duplicated data.


Provide steps that the user can take to solve the problem. For example "The level 7 printer will flash red when it is out of paper. Add paper to tray 1".

Verify that multi-valued fields are not included on the Index Query.

To include them, Sub-Queries for those fields must be created.