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Connector Requirements

Amazon S3 Version

The Aspire Amazon S3 connector was created and tested using Amazon S3 "Simple Storage Service".

User Account Requirements

Before installing the Amazon S3 connector, make sure that:

  • You have your Access Key ID for your Amazon AWS S3 account.

  • You have your Secret Access Key for your Amazon AWS S3 account.


Some features of the Amazon S3 connector include:

  • Performs incremental crawling (so that only new/updated documents are indexed).
  • Fetches Object ACLs (access control lists) for S3 document-level security.
  • It is search engine independent.
  • Runs from any machine with access to the given S3 repository.

Retrieved Content

The Amazon S3 connector retrieves several types of documents. Listed below are the inclusions and exclusions to these documents.


  • Documents stored in buckets.
  • Documents stored in folders.
  • Documents stored in subfolders.

Future Development Plans

Currently, when document metadata is extracted during indexing, the Object ACLs are being added to each document. These ACLs specify the users (registered on Amazon) who have permission to read the document.

Additional security features, including handling policy ACLs and group permissions, are planned and will be available in the future.

Anything we should add? Please let us know.

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