The Database Server Connector will crawl content from a Relational Database.

Database Engines Supported

The Aspire Database Server connector was created and tested using the following databases engines:

  • MySQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database

Other engines could work with the connector, but is not guaranteed. 

User Account Requirements 

To access the Database Server, a user account with sufficient privileges must be supplied to discover and extract databases, tables, and rows. The permissions vary on the database engine used.

Framework and Connector Features

Framework Features

Name Supported
Content CrawlingYes
Identity CrawlingYes
Snapshot-based IncrementalsNo
Non-snapshot-based IncrementalsNo
Document HierarchyYes

Connector Features

The Database Server connector has the following features:

  • Scans all the databases on the server.
  • Extracts table information from all databases.
  • Extracts the rows from all the tables found.

Content Retrieved

The Database Server connector retrieves several types of documents.

  • Databases
  • Tables
  • Rows


The Database Server Connector has the following limitations:

  • Incremental crawls are not supported at this moment.
  • Blob columns are not extracted.
  • Data extracted depends on the database engine rules, not all tables extracted can be scanned.
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