The File System connector will crawl content from the file system location. 


The File System connector can scan and fetch the directories and documents of a file system.

Environment and Access Requirements

Repository Support

The File System supports crawling the following the repositories

RepositoryVersionConnector Version

This component has been officially tested on local Windows and Linux.

Account Privileges

For the File System connector to be able to crawl the Aspire Worker nodes must be run with an account with read access to the directory to crawl.

Environment Requirements

The Aspire Worker nodes must be running in the same machine where the file system repository is located or at least have access in the case of a file share. 

Framework and Connector Features

Framework Features

Content Crawlingyes
Identity Crawlingno
Snapshot-based Incrementalsyes
Non-snapshot-based Incrementalsno
Document Hierarchyyes

Connector Features

The File System connector has the following features:

  • Document filtering using include and exclude regex patterns.
  • Static acls can be added for the documents crawled

Content Crawled

The File System connector is able to crawl the following objects:

NameType Relevant MetadataContent Fetch & ExtractionDescription
  • Last Modified Date
NAThe directories of the file system. Each directory will be scanned to retrieve more directories or files
  • Last Modified Date
  • Data size
yesThe files contained by the directories in the crawled file system.


The File System Connector has the following limitations:

  • The connector does not retrieve the acls of the crawled documents.
  • No labels