The recommended way of deploying Aspire 5 is by containers. See Quickstart Guide with Docker (HTTPS) for local deployments or Kubernetes Deployments for more information.

The current guide describes how to deploy Aspire 5 directly into a VM (Linux or Windows).


Setup Aspire's Maven Repository

Follow the steps at Configuring Aspire Maven Repository using your registered credentials for maven to be able to download the Aspire artifacts.

Download and build Aspire Distribution - with Maven Archetype

The Aspire Distribution Maven Archetype allows for building aspire distributions consistently and easily.


  1. Create the distribution archetype project with maven
    Please note that we are using Aspire 5.2.2
    Please ensure your JAVA Version is set to Java 17

    mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeArtifactId=aspire-distribution-archetype -DarchetypeVersion=5.2.2 -DrepositoryId=stPublic

    You will be prompted with the following parameters (sample configuration):

    Define value for property 'groupId':
    Define value for property 'artifactId': aspire5
    Define value for property 'version' 1.0-SNAPSHOT: : [use default just hit ENTER]
    [INFO] Using property: package = pom
    [INFO] Using property: aspire.bootloader = aspire-elasticsearch-bootloader
    [INFO] Using property: aspireAdminPort = 50505
    Confirm properties configuration:
    artifactId: aspire5
    version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT
    package: pom
    aspire.bootloader: aspire-elasticsearch-bootloader
    aspireAdminPort: 50505
     Y: : y
  2. You will see a folder with the name entered in the 'artifactId' parameter, change your current directory into it

    cd aspire5
  3. Build the distribution

    mvn clean package

    This generates the distribution into the 'target' folder

  4. Copy your distribution to where you want it to be installed

    cp -r target/aspire5 /your/installation/path
  5. If installing on Linux, give execution permissions to the bin/ file:

    cd /your/installation/path/aspire5
    chmod +x bin/

Design your Aspire 5 deployment

Aspire 5 differs from previous versions of Aspire in its architecture which impacts the way it is deployed. See Aspire 5.0 Architecture for more information.

There are two types of nodes that can be deployed: manager and worker nodes. At a minimum there should be 1 manager and 1 worker node on any Aspire deployment.

The same aspire distribution can act as both manager and worker at the same time, which is usually ideal for installing POCs, as it is simpler to maintain only one distribution.

Follow the steps above to create distributions for the different nodes in your cluster.

Start your Aspire Distribution

1) Elasticsearch connectivity environment variables

Aspire 5 requires connectivity to Elasticsearch, for this a set of environment variables must be set up for Aspire to be able to connect the it. See Properties at the ElasticsearchNoSQLProvider section for more details.

If you are connecting to an unsecured, HTTP only elasticsearch instance the only variable you need is:


If it isn't set, this variable will default to: http://localhost:9200

2) Upload settings and license into Elasticsearch

Change directory to one of the aspire distributions previously built, and upload its settings file:

Linux based:

bin/ -us config/settings.json

Windows based:

bin\aspire.bat -us config\settings.json

Now upload the license:

Linux based:

bin/ -ul /path/to/your/AspireLicense.lic

Windows based:

bin\aspire.bat -ul C:\path\to\your\AspireLicense.lic

3) Starting Aspire

When starting multiple distributions on the same VM, make sure to change the HTTP or HTTPS port it uses to start (at config/ file), otherwise conflicts would arise.

Starting the Manager node

On the vm that will host the manager node

Linux based:

cd /path/to/manager-distribution
bin/ -manager

Windows based:

cd C:\path\to\manager-distribution
bin\aspire.bat -manager

Starting the Worker node

On the VM that will host the worker node:

Linux based:

cd /path/to/worker-distribution
bin/ -worker

Windows based:

cd C:\path\to\worker-distribution
bin\aspire.bat -worker

Starting the Manager/Worker in the same distribution

On the VM that will host Aspire:

Linux based:

cd /path/to/worker-distribution
bin/ -standalone

Windows based:

cd C:\path\to\worker-distribution
bin\aspire.bat -standalone

By default Aspire will start in port 50505.

The manager nodes will have an Admin UI enabled at http://localhost:50505/ and a debug console at http://localhost:50505/aspire

The worker nodes only exposes the debug console at http://localhost:50505/aspire