Installing Aspire with this approach is NOT production recommended, though it can be used as an accelerator for production deployments


  • Docker 20.10.X and up
    • If using MacOS or Windows, install Docker Desktop
  • Resources for MacOS/Windows Docker Desktop
    • Docker Desktop → Preferences → Resources → Advanced
      • 2 CPUs
      • 8 GB Memory
  • A valid Aspire account and Aspire 5 License (see Aspire Registration and Licensing)
  • Download

Installation Process

  1. (If MacOS or Windows) Install Docker Desktop from Official Site
    Newer version of Docker does not have these options. Once Docker is downloaded and these options are not available, skip to Number 2
    1. Set the resources for Docker Desktop as to at least 2 CPUs, 8 GB Memory, 1 GB Swap (at Preferences → Resources → Advanced)
    2. Enable file sharing on the unziped aspire-quickstart folder (at Preferences → Resources → File Sharing)
  2. To ensure you are using the latest credentials, Open a command line terminal and logout to artifactory docker registry:

    $ docker logout
  3. Open a command line terminal and Login to artifactory docker registry:

    $ docker login

    You will be prompted for your credentials (registered email and password)

    If you can't remember the credentials write to [email protected], these would be shared with you when you request the Account and License. This step is required so Docker can download the official images of Aspire.
  4. Unzip the file
  5. Copy your AspireLicense.lic to aspire-quickstart/config/
    1. Only Aspire 5 Licenses are valid
  6. This step is optional, you can add ASPIRE_LOG_STDIO: 'true' on docker-compose.yml this is so stdio.log appears on opt/aspire/log for manager and worker
  7. Execute the following on the command line terminal:
    1. docker-compose up -d

  8. Wait until all containers have started:
  9. It may take several minutes for Aspire to download all the required components and start.
  10. Manager node should be accessible via http://localhost:50505/

    Worker node should be accessible via http://localhost:51505/aspire 

    Note that worker nodes does not have a UI so accessing http://localhost:51505/ and getting an error is expected

  11. If you followed step 5 and enabled ASPIRE_LOG_STDIO: 'true', you should be able to see stdio.log on opt/aspire/log

Happy crawling with Aspire5!

Uninstall quickstart containers

  1. Execute docker-compose down

What have been installed with these scripts?

The current quickstart guide installs the following containers:

Want to know more about the quickstart?

The current quickstart scripts execute the following steps in order:

  1. Creates docker volumes for persistent storage (elasticsearch indexes) and network for all the containers to communicate to each other
  2. Starts elasticsearch and kibana
  3. Starts aspire service 

All docker containers share the same environment variables at the .env file, this is not recommended for production deployments, but simplifies the management of variables for the quickstart scripts.