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Internal API

This is an internal API used for communication between nodes and is not expected to be used by others

The worker node API provides functionality that allows a manager and worker nodes to communicate.

Release one or more seeds

Releases all the items currently not being processed, setting their status to be available, so the worker node stops processing a seed promptly when that seed is paused/stopped, this endpoint need the at least the ADMINISTRATOR or MANAGER role to be executed.

PUT /aspire/_api/worker/release/seed/:id

PUT /aspire/_api/worker/release/seed

Path and Request Body Parameters

idstringRequiredThe identifier(s) of the seed to be released


Release a single seed

PUT /aspire/_api/worker/release/seed/AAABcID5GBc=
PUT /aspire/_api/worker/release/seed
  "id": ["AAABcID5GBc="]

Release multiple seeds

PUT /aspire/_api/worker/release/seed
  "id": ["AAABcID5GBc=", "AAABcIueWUc="]


  "message": "optional response message"

Status: 200, 404

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