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Here you can find the steps necessary to add a new dynamic field to the framework

Step-by-step Adding the Field Type

  1. Create a class file type in ui/src/app/field_framework/types
  2. Extend class from DynamicField
  3. Add logic and overwrites as seen fit
  4. Add the new type to the FieldTypes in ui/src/app/field_framework/types/dynamic-field.ts
  5. Add type constructor to ui/src/app/field_framework/types/field-factory.ts

Step-by-step Adding the Field Component

  1. Go to ui/src/app/field_framework/components
  2. In console execute ng generate component <component-name>
  3. Modify the new component as seen fit
  4. Go to ui/src/app/field_framework/directive/field-generator.directive.ts
  5. Go to ui/src/app/field_framework/directive/field-generator.directive.ts

These are the basic steps to add a new fields, more complex fields, may required assistance from the development team.