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AuthN/AuthZ with SSL

Authentication and authorization access can be enabled in StageR to restrict using REST APIs through HTTPS connections using valid client certificates.

Content Encryption and Key Managers

Encrypted content that is stored in StageR is encrypted at the scope level, and a enckeyid tag is added to each encrypted content scope.

Content Compression

Compressed content that is stored in STageR is compressed at the scope level, and a isCompressed tag is added to each compressed content scope.

Content Processing

A storage unit has a set of events that are triggered during different actions performed while interacting with the storage unit. Content processing modules can be configured to be executed on these events. 

File Handlers

StageR can store binary files in a file storage that is  independent of the database storage (used to store JSON documents). The file handler is a pluggable module that provides StageR with the logic to store and read files from an external file storage application. 

Reprocessing and Automatic Updates

Content reprocessing provides the ability to execute content processing pipelines over content that is already in a storage unit. Reprocessing is done at the scope level of a storage unit.

Remote Replication

Remote replication allows a StageR storage unit to:

    • subscribe to a remote StageR storage unit
    • replicate the data locally
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