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Getting Started with Aspire 2.0

  • Registration
  • Hardware and Network Considerations
  • Download and Install - Aspire in 20 minutes
  • Quick Start with Distribution Archetype - Aspire in 40 minutes using the distribution archetype
  • Basic Tutorial (Aspire 2)

See below, under Creating Applications, for the quick start tutorial if you will be using Aspire to create new applications.

Aspire 2.0 for Hadoop

Information on how to integrate Aspire with Hadoop to create big data solutions using Aspire configuration pipelines.


Documentation for Aspire 2.0 administration, such as installing/removing applications, servers, handling network configurations, etc.

  • Aspire Administration
  • Launching Aspire
  • Aspire Shell
  • UI Introduction
  • Settings Configuration (settings.xml)
  • Administration Security

Content Sources

Failover and Distributed Processing


  • System Health and Debug
  • The Debug Console
  • Performance Reports
  • Aspire Administration Topics

Application bundles and components

Applications are pre-built configurations which combine multiple components into pipelines to perform larger, more comprehensive tasks.

Component Library

A list of all pre-built components for Aspire available from Search Technologies

Connector Library

A list of all pre-built connectors for Aspire available from Search Technologies

Publisher Library

A list of all pre-built publishers for Aspire available from Search Technologies

Creating Applications

Creating new applications with the framework by configuring pipelines and core components.

Upgrading to a Newer Version

If you've chosen to upgrade to a later version, the instructions for changing your distribution to use it are here.

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