This section is a feature still not fully developed. It will be completed for future versions. So far it will only display the current server.


The Servers Section will allow you to the current cluster of Aspire instances and the applications installed in each one of those instances.

  1. IP Address and Port
    • This is the ip address and the port of the server, if it is the current server it will appear a legend right next to it (You are here)
  2. Server Information
    • General server information such as host name, start time, update time, ...
  3. Server's Debug Console
    • It will open the Server's Debug console in a new tab
  4. Server's Shutdown
    • It will shutdown the server remotly
  5. Installed Applications
    • A list of the installed application of the server, clicking on one of this applications will show the application configuration

Server Installed Application

Once you click on one of the installed application of any of the servers, the application's  general information will be displayed as well as it's configuration

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