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This page maintains a list of all of the updates for version 3.0 of Aspire.

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New Features

  • Brand new Connector Framework (for more information check here)

  • Several connectors refactored and migrated to the new framework.

  • Refactored Group Expansion to use MongoDB.

  • Improved and redesigned User Interface.

  • Added the creationDate filter option and Progressive Retries for Jive Source Connector.
  • New applications: Archive and PST Extractor.

  • New Connector: Documentum DQL 

Bug Fixes

Aspire Core

  • Fixed issue on DXF with the escapeValue flag.

  • Workflow - Validation allows to re-save a workflow rule.

  • Workflow - Component with a DXF text field is now saved.

  • Workflow - Deleting Components now works properly.

  • Scheduler General Tab - Content Source configuration saved is now being displayed in the UI.

  • UI - Deleting references do not delete application if shared.

  • Failover - After a single instance full crawl it's possible to run another one.

  • Aspire Framework crashing when include/exclude pattern is left empty.

  • Hierarchy Extractor - Fixed NPE.

  • Workflow - Rules are editable even if disabled.

  • General Auditing fixes.


  • Field Mapper

Multiple Source Mappings not updating correctly.


  • eRoom

Extension List option and Open Data Stream not working with the Groovy script.

  • Jive

    ACLs not fetching when the option is checked.
    Fixed Non-text Document Filtering issues.
    Include/exclude patterns not working at all.
    Hierarchy is not being updated after moving document to a different place.
    Adds/Deletes reported for the same Places.
    Group Expansion not retrieving all users.
    Security plugin being used even when selecting Entitlements API option.
    Some unused metadata info being retrieved.
    Multiple Public groups in Jive ACLs.
    Some minor UI issues.

  • IBM Connections

ACLs not being extracted.

  • Salesforce

    Errors while crawling Knowledge Articles during Full Crawl.
    Regex criteria defined is not being used on Non-Text Document Filtering.
    Empty extension field throws exceptions using Non-Text Document Filtering.
    Minor labeling fixes.
  • TeamForge

Exclude pattern works as expected.


  • Pub2HDFS 

WebHDFS exception.

  • Publish to SharePoint 2013 

Improvements to the Security Trimmer.
Timestampstore.xml file corrupted preventing Aspire sources from indexing.
Security Pre-Trimmer not working with username containing accent characters.
When the Aspire model is created, validate that the content source is properly associated with it before triggering a crawl.
Need a way to send full crawls in Aspire without triggering destructive Full crawls in SharePoint.
Full Crawl triggering an Incremental Crawl in SharePoint.
No way to fail a document without failing the whole crawl.
Check for running crawls before triggering a new one from the publisher.
Publisher returning error when validating group existence via LDAP.


  • JMS

Now loading correctly.

Known Issues

Aspire Core 

  • Aspire does not detect changes in the connector settings and is not asking to save them.
  • New NoSQLSet utility class is not working as expected.
  • Source Connector disabled in distributed scenario crawls items and counts them in the statistics.
  • Auditing Tool - filtering by "Batch" and "All" & "Job and All" is not working.
  • Debug console broken in Firefox.
  • Aspire does not load even after the console says is loaded.
  • Add option does not show results when filtering from the last page.


  • Archive Extractor

Deletion is not working with file names with special characters.

"Index Archive file job" is throwing exceptions or is not adding the job requested.

  • PST Extractor

Connector indexes containers.


  • Aspire Connector Archetype

Aspire connector archetype not compiling because of a wrong dependency. In order to make it work, change the "aspire-connector-framework" dependency version from 3.0-SNAPSHOT to 3.0

  • FTP

Special characters are not handled properly for filenames and content. 

  • Heritrix (legacy)

'LastModified' field is not being generated when items are modified. 

  • IBM Connections

Adds are reported as Updates.

  • RDB Tables

Need to flush jobs on RDB Source Connector.

  • RDB Snapshot

Source - Full crawl not working. Console and UI got stuck.

  • SharePoint 2010

NPE when Domain is empty.

  • SharePoint 2013

Items crawled and Items with error are the same if domain is empty.

  • Staging Repository

"Cannot get content source from job" error when Content Source field is not specified.


  • OCR

Publish to staging is not being added to the Workflow section when connector is added. 

To Be Released

  • RightNow
  • Salesforce

External Technical Limitations  


  • Changes in Box notes content are not considered for incremental crawls.
  • Changes made to the attachments of the item type Opportunity in Salesforce are not considered for incremental crawls.

Important Note 

  • MapDB is not used in the new connector framework.


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