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The Aspire Parcel is a Cloudera package that allows you to distribute an Aspire Distribution on a Cloudera cluster environment. The Aspire Cloudera is a compiled jar that the Cloudera Manager uses to install, configure and manage Aspire as a service inside Cloudera. 


Some of the features of the Aspire Parcel and Service connector include:

  • Aspire full functionality inside Cloudera
  • Configure Aspire from the Cloudera Manager
  • Simultaneously configure multiple instances of Aspire
  • Use Zookeeper to synchronize multiple Aspire instances
  • (Optional) Use Mongo or HBase as NoSQL DB


Aspire Parcel and Service has the following limitations:

  • Only the properties supported by the service can be configured from the Cloudera Manager.
  • Any other settings must be configured from the templates of the settings files.
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