Production Environments

  • 32Gbs minimum of RAM recommended
  • Minimum free on hard drive depending of the requirements of the project

Development and Testing Environments

  • 8Gbs minimum of RAM recommended
  • 10Gbs minimum free on hard drive recommended


Basic Aspire has a fairly small footprint. For evaluation purposes, it can run on your laptop. For most production implementations, we recommend:

  • A 4-core server running 64-bit Linux or Windows
  • Minimum of 8Gbs of RAM (32Gbs recommended for production) assigned to the Java Virtual Machine.
    • The memory can be modified at the startup files or check Run as a Windows Service or Run as a Linux Service if Aspire runs as a service.
    • 8GB is the minimum recommended for testing and lite Aspire instances. This may change depending of the content sources and the data to process.
  • Minimal disk: Aspire itself currently runs in less than 1GB, we recommend a minimun of 10Gbs for development and testing environments
    • We don't recommend the minimal disk space for production environments
    • This value does not include logs or data generated due crawls or other component activity

  • Network connection speed of 100Mbps minimum, and preferred 1Gbps or 10Gbps

Factors Affecting Recommendations

What you need to run Aspire optimally in a complex, enterprise production environment depends on multiple factors, including:

  • The total number of data sources to be crawled, and for each data source:
    • What type of repository holds the data (i.e. SharePoint, Documentum, RDBMS, etc.)
    • Total number of documents
    • Total number of bytes
    • How long an initial indexing crawl should take
    • How long a periodic incremental indexing crawl should take
    • Are real-time updates required?
    • Network speed between repository and Aspire server
  • Data metrics for query client connections:
    • Number of client connections expected
    • Number of queries per second expected
    • Query latency times required / expected
    • Is authentication, authorization, and group expansion required for client search requests?
  • Will distributed processing be required?

If you need assistance in sizing an Aspire Enterprise system, please contact your Search Technologies Account representative (we'd be happy to help).

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