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The Publish to Solr application sends document feeds, to the Solr index update servlet, of metadata and content of files extracted by Aspire connectors. The feed to Solr can be customized by editing the XSL transformation file provided by the user.

Publish to Solr
Factory Namecom.searchtechnologies.aspire:app-publish-to-solr
InputsAspireObject from a connector's subjob with metadata and content extracted from a specific file/folder.
OutputsAn XML transformation of the AspireObject sent to the Solr's xmlfeed URL.
Versions3.0, 3.1
Type Flagsjob-input


This section lists all configuration parameters available to configure the Publish to Solr component.


SolrNoUrlbooleantrueIndicates if the publisher must use a Url or build one from the host and port entered.
SolrPortinterger8983Solr port where to send the feeds
solrHoststringnoneSolr hostname or IP adress. e.g.
SolrUrlstringnoneComplete Url where the feeds are going to be send. e.g. http://localhost:8983/solr/core/update
aspireToSolrXslstring${appbundle.home}/config/xsl/aspireToSolr.xslLocation of the XSL to transform the job data to a Solr feed. See Edit Xsl.
maxResults (2.1 Release)  int1000000(Index dump) How many documents can be fetched by the search engine for the same query
pageSize (2.1 Release)  int10000(Index dump) How many documents to fetch per page
urlField (2.1 Release)  StringdisplayUrl(Index dump) Field used to store the url in the search engine
idField (2.1 Release)  Stringid(Index dump) Field used to store the id in the search engine.
timestampField (2.1 Release)  StringsubmitTS(Index dump) The name of the timestamp field holding the index timestamp of every document.

Example Configuration


   <application config="com.searchtechnologies.aspire:app-publish-to-gsa">

Any optional properties can be removed from the configuration to use the default value described on the table above.

Edit Xsl

The default XSL transformation file can be found in AspireToSolr.xsl.

The default transformation XSL file provided by the publisher expects metadata as described in Connector AspireObject Metadata.

Add metadata field

To add a new metadata field extracted by an Aspire Connector add an XSL element under the <doc> tag.

<field name="metafieldNameInSolr_t">
  <xsl:value-of select="metafieldNameFromAspireObject" />


Notice that the dynamic field _t is being used by default. If you have a Solr schema that supports your field, then just enter the field name as defined in the schema.

Change the document ID

The id of a Solr document is used to uniquely identify a file in the index. By default, Publish To Solr will use the following fields from the Aspire document in order of precedency (if one is missing, then the next will be used):

  • fetchUrl
  • url
  • displayUrl
  • id

If you want to change this behavior, edit or create a new XSL file which has the following element:

<field name="id">
  <xsl:value-of select="idFieldNameFromAspireObject" />

Advanced Edit

More advanced changes can be accomplished reading the Solr Update XML Messages wiki.