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Before You Start

This document describes the steps needed for installing the various Aspire components of the SharePoint 2013 Publisher Endpoint.

This installation is done through a powershell script that will setup and configure the following components:

  • Intermediate Repository. Shared folder created to be used as a SharePoint External Source.
  • (IIS Service) Aspire Service. Acts as a data source for the Aspire ECT (External Content Type).
    • Reads XML files from the Repository using a separate timestamp file to managed updated content.
    • Protected using NTLM authentication mechanism.
    • Any user accessing this service must be member of the AspireUsers Active Directory or local Windows group.
  • (SharePoint Solution) Notification Endpoint. Receives requests for crawling the Aspire Content Source.
    • Creates the Content Source specific directory in the publisher file share.
    • Creates the Search Service Application Content Source.
    • Creates the BDC Model and External Content Type (ECT) in SharePoint Business Data Connectivity Services.
  • Security Trimmer. Used to enhance the search query in SharePoint Search using group expansion from Aspire.
  • Error Crawl Logs. Used to get crawled document logs from a content source.


  • Aspire to SharePoint 2013 Publisher consists of few components which can be installed on multiple servers. These components require domain user accounts specified for communicating between each other. Therefore first step of the installation is to plan which servers will host the components and which user accounts are to be used.
  • All hosts and user accounts should be in the same AD domain.
  • The user that executes the script should be Member of the Administrators user group and also part of the same AD domain.
  • Since there are some known issues with the SharePoint 2013 Endpoint, it is recommended that you use the same user for all the services involved.
  • It is recommended as well, that you keep the intermediate repository in the same server that is running the Aspire service (we are currently working on identifying the cause of these issues, and will update this page accordingly).
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