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The cache get stage is used in conjunction with the Cache component/stage. Jobs run through the cache get stage use a service tracker to reference the Cache component and call processGet(Job) on the Cache to ensure consistent calculation of keys based on the document attached to the job.

If the processGet(Job) indicates that the cache was hit, this component will by default, terminate the job, meaning that no further stages are run.

Cache Get
Factory Namecom.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-cache


InputsAspireObjects from Jobs from processing pipelines



cacheString MANDATORY: The path (relative or absolute) of the Cache component.
terminateBooleantrueIf true, the job will be terminated if the Cache lookup produces a hit. In this case, no further stages will be run. To allow further processing after a hit, set this value to false.

Example configuration

  <component name="myCacheGet" subType="get" factoryName="aspire-cache">
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