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he Post HDFS Stage stage writes key/value pairs into HDFS where the key is a user-defined field from the job's AspireObject (or the job id, if the key is not defined) and the value is the AspireObject of the job. Each key/value pair will be written to a single file until a file size threshold is reached. A new file is then created with a sequential id (i.e. aspire-00000, aspire-00001, aspire-00002, ..., aspire-N).

Communication to HDFS will be through the HDFS API FileSystem methods.

Factory Namecom.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-post-hdfs

An AspireObject with the metadata of each document to be posted and a key (optional).

OutputsA HDFS file entry consisting of the key and a JSON representation of the AspireObject as the value.


This section lists all configuration parameters available to configure the Post HDFS component.


hdfsUrlStringhdfs://localhost:8020The HDFS Namenode URL.
folderPathString The path within the HDFS server where the files will be stored. If empty, the user home folder will be used.
filePrefixNameStringaspireThe prefix of the name of the files that will be stored. Each file name will be completed with a sequential counter value. (I.e. aspíre-00000).
fileSizelongHDFS Default Block SizeThe max size of each file to be created. When the file size is reached, a new file is created.
outputKeyString An AXPath of the metadata field to use as the output key.
ignoreAspireBatchbooleantrueTells the component whether or not create a new file for each Aspire batch. NOTE: If this is false and Aspire Job batching is enabled, the fileSize value will be ignored and each file will contain exactly as many key/value pairs as the batch size.
timeoutint30000Time in milliseconds to wait until the file can be closed, after the last job has been processed.


Example Configuration

This section provides an example of Post HDFS configuration to a local HDFS server.

<component name="PostHDFS" subType="default" factoryName="aspire-post-hdfs">