For version 3.3, Aspire requires a license file to run.

See Aspire Licensing for information on obtaining a license.

The following are the NoSQL DB providers supported by the Aspire 3.3 release:

  • MongoDB version 3.6
  • HBase version 1.2.4

The supported version of Elasticsearch is 6.3.0

The supported version of StageR is 1.2   Note:  The latest version of Stager is v. 1.2 and it supports MongoDB v. 3.4.10 

Below you can find a list of the updates for this version.

New and Enhanced Features

Aspire Core and Framework Components

  • Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (SCRAM) support has been added to the MongoDB used with Aspire.
  • The ability to dynamically load jar files has been added to Aspire with Java 9.
  • When starting Aspire either normally or in debug mode, the debug line in the settings.xml file is handled appropriately. 
  • A section has been added to the settings.xml file for HBase information.

  • Logging of remote IP addresses for successful or failed logins will now occur.

  • The Mongo provider now encrypts/hashes IDs.
  • Record fields have been improved.
  • Entitlements checking no longer checks missing components at every restart.

  • Time zones have been normalized for Aspire, including logs and statistics.

  • The documentation has been updated for Keytab/Kerberos.
  • Improvements have been added to Job usage.
  • Updates have been made to the ExtractText default configuration limit for text extracted from a stream.
  • List page retrieval and metadata extraction have been improved in SharePoint Commons.

Aspire UI

  • To re-fetch entitled components (after deleting the Resources folder), an "Allow Refresh" button has been added.
  • The ability to show Provider Information has been added.


  • Aspider
    • A Headless browser has been added for rendering dynamically generated pages (client-side JavaScript pages).
  • IBM Connections
  • Elastic
  • SharePoint 2010

    • On the Multiple URls drop-down, when the 'Site Discovery' option is set, the 'Set List View' option is removed. 

  • SharePoint Online
    • An NPE at crawl end error could occur if bad credentials were used.
    • Incremental crawls no longer detect containers as updated items.
    • Scan recursively was not working as expected.

  • SMB

    • Added DFS support and override last access date of documents
  • Twitter


  • Elasticsearch
    • Case sensitive index names can be handled properly now.
  • Google Cloud Search
    • A new Google Cloud Search (GCS) publisher receives content from Aspire connectors and uses the Java Client library to index the content into Cloud Search.
  • HBase
    • Content can now be deleted.
    • During a full crawl, the publisher now defaults to clean.
    • When not in file configuration mode, the publisher can now be used without security. 

  • Publish to StageR
    • Field level help has been added for the special scope $record.


  • The Entitlements Admin application has been updated.

Bug Fixes

Aspire Core and Framework Components

  • Admin UI
    • The ability to configure a weekly schedule could cause an error when saving
  • Aspire Application
    • ConfigManager could log a debug message into {aspire.home}/logs/configmanager.log

    • A problem could occur when editing a custom application in the Admin UI

    • Startup problems could occur using the Staging Publisher
  • Connector Framework
    • When stopping and restarting Aspire while the GroupDownload process was running, the group download did not start again

  • MongoDB Provider
    • The LDAP Cache could report a MongoDB Duplicate key error

    • Aspider could stop with a MongoDB Duplicate key error

  • SharePoint Commons

    • An out of memory (OOM) exception could occur during large crawls

    • Added support for incrementals using Aspire Snapshots on SP
  • The Aspire Archetype had "http" rather than "https" repository and entitlement URLs
  • Failed to connect to Artifactory with custom keystore. Artifactory certificates were added to the distribution. See:
  • AspireObject was casting an incorrect numeric type when created from JSON
  • The AspireObject isEmpty method returned true even if the object had children

  • The processDeletes (String) was missing a Status page
  • The Aspire Connector Framework was not using shouldScan during incremental crawls
  • When running a full crawl, a "Provider 'encrypted' not installed" message could occur
  • The Mongo provider generated an invalid JSON object during document conversion

  • Audit logs were incomplete
  • For AIP integration, the logout action was not being logged

  • Publisher framework retryDelay, retryDelayMultiplier and maxRetryDelay properties were not supported by Dynamic XML Forms (DFX)

  • The Aspire-Services jar file was missing a noSQL package

  • The "Loading Application" message could display whether a connector was loading or not

  • Extract Text
    • Use the Apache Tika SAX Parser for Microsoft documents
  • Scheduler
    • The option to create a Cache Groups scheduler was not being displayed

Aspire UI

  • A Connector component might not show the actual state of a crawl
  • The link that points to the Confluence wiki has been updated


  • Aspider
    • An authentication form error could occur indicating "Target host is not specified while crawling"
    • Neither NTLM nor ADFS authentication was occurring when a host was specified in the Credentials
    • On any port, the Port field was not working correctly with any value except "-1"

    • A crawl could cause a warning about duplicate IDs in MongoDB

    • To indicate that the Gateway was not working, the exception message in ADFS needed updating 

  • Confluence

    • ACLs info appeared inside the hierarchy section

    • A batch error could display while publishing to Elasticsearch 6.3.0
  • Documentum
    • Exception was being thrown during Group Expansion
  • File System
    • Starting Directories in the File option was not working as expected
  • IBM Connections

    • The connector needed to use the Aspire GroupExpansion instead of SharePoint Integrated security with an optimized IBM Connections Group Downloader
    • Memory leaks could occur
    • During an incremental crawl, the deletes of Blogs, Wikis and Files were not working
    • The Content crawled from IBM Connection did not contain a last-modified date. The problem was with the date format
  • Kafka
    • A "NO-NAME" field could occur

  • SharePoint 2010

    • A problem could occur when identifying the site-collections for a WEB-Application
    • When adding a link on a site collection to crawl, [NO-NAME] should not be part of the name attribute in the hierarchy section
    • No error should occur during the incremental crawl for the Blog site collection
    • No errors should occur when crawling a specified list (views included)
  • SharePoint 2013

    • When crawling incrementals for an External list, the connector was not picking up the changes
    • When crawling SP2013, errors such as "HTTP Error 400. The size of the request headers is too Long" might occur
    • KeyNotFoundException while trying to check attachments for list with lookup references deleted

    • Crawl a list and the name in the hierarchy of the documents will be displayed as NO-NAME even though the items have  title field.
    • The placeholder needed to be changed for the 'Seeds file' field

    • The connector was unable to crawl large lists

  • SharePoint 2016

    • An error could occur while crawling site

  • SharePoint Online

    • NPE crawling on distributed mode. Random NPE in the item complete callback

    • String index out of range while getting a List display url

    • Error while crawling after a crawl was stopped: Item parent wasn't assigned during crawl

  • Standalone Mode

    • When a user added a custom connector, feedback needed to be provided by the Aspire UI
  • Staging Repository
    • A global variable was not working when configuring the server in the Staging Repository connector

    • When crawling over multiple documents and publishing at two different scopes, the items published could be duplicated

    • The Stager connection could be broken when running a full crawl


  • Stager BDC Plugin could randomly fail during the crawls after setup

  • Elasticsearch
    • DeleteByQuery was not being used with Elasticsearch 6.1.1
  • GCS Publisher

    • A resource config/application.xml was missing on the jar file

    • A relative path was not working in the Credentials Key File field
    • An error could occur when crawling and publishing to GCS

  • Kafka
    • An error could be masked when running a non-batched job

  • Publish to Avro
    • Validation needed to be added to the Time Rollover Threshold field

  • TLS 1.2 support was needed for the SharePoint Security Pre Trimmer


  • Azure Group Expander could refuse to start.

  • Group Expansion failed if user data exceeded the Mongo Max Document Limit (16MB)

  • For Aspire Distributed mode, Services in the master node were not starting automatically after saving changes
  • Errors to reflect failed Services were not being generated
  • Services that were set up in an Aspire cluster were not synced up correctly

  • Azure Active Directory Group Expander
    • Users were not being removed

  • Group Expansion Service
    • The userGroupCache map was accessed when the Group Expansion Service was running
  • LDAP Cache Service

    • The controls did not display and the Schedule was set to Advanced even if Minutes or Hourly were set

    • Problems with  LDAP-Cache component could include: reporting a duplicate key error twice, stopping with a duplicate error, taking too long, and refresh refusing to start. The connector could not look up ACL information in the LDAP-Cache component

  • You are now able to check the user’s cache for the Azure Group Expander via the Debug console


  • Archive Extractor
    • The "Send delete by query first" option could throw an exception

    • Deleting files inside of an archive file was not handled properly for incremental crawls

  • AVRO Extractor

    • During an incremental crawl, a "duplicate key error" message could display

Known Issues


  • FTP 

    • FTP connector is only working with Unix systems and not in Windows
  • Twitter
    • Full/Incremental crawls for retweets are not working


  • Google Cloud Search
    • Bundle location error loading the publisher for the first time
    • NullPointerException publishing with Batch and Content Type Raw options
    • ItemUploadRequest exception
    • Pending required field validation for the 'Indexer Type' field

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