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Set Aspire Home

The Aspire Home is the file system directory where the Aspire installation is installed. This directory should contain several sub-directories such as "bin", "bundles", "resources", etc.

What is Aspire Home Used For?

Aspire Home is used for:

  • Locating configuration files
  • Locating XSL and other resources from the "resources" directory
  • Locating the "log" directory

Aspire Home is used anytime a relative path to a file inside the Aspire installation is required. The Aspire Home directory will be prepended to all such paths.

By default, the settings.xml file loads from "config/settings.xml" located in the Aspire Home directory. The settings.xml file holds environmental information and properties about the Aspire installation as a whole.

Be aware that there is also a Java System property which can be used to set the location of the settings.xml file as well. It is "com.searchtechnologies.aspire.settings". For example:

  java -Dcom.searchtechnologies.aspire.settings=/test/settings.xml ...

On Microsoft Windows

On Windows, there are several ways to set the Aspire Home directory.

  1. Set the environment variable ASPIRE_HOME to the full path of the Aspire Home directory.
  2. Set your working directory to either the Aspire Home directory or the binary directory before executing "bin/aspire.bat"
    • If no environment variable is set, the startup script will try and validate that your working directory (or the parent of your working directory) is a valid Aspire installation. If it is, it automatically sets Aspire Home to that directory.
  3. Edit the "bin/aspire.bat" and change the "java" call so it passes the correct directory to the Java JVM.

The Java JVM System property which specifies the Aspire Home directory is com.searchtechnologies.aspire.home. This can be set with a command-line argument when executing the "java" command as follows:


On Linux

In a bash shell on Linux, Aspire Home may be set by placing commands similar to the following in a script used to start Felix, or the user's profile:

if [ "${ASPIRE_HOME}" = "" ]
   export ASPIRE_HOME=/home/aspire
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