A list of all pre-built connectors for Aspire available from Accenture Search & Content Analytics (formerly Search Technologies)

Legacy connectors need to be loaded manually via the custom button in order to be used. There is a known issue whereby the legacy icon may appear next to a non-legacy connector that is unavailable. 

Connector Info
Feature only available with Aspire Premium  Premium are licensed separately from Enterprise and Basic distributions.
(No icon)  Aspire Basic bundled are included in Basic and Enterprise distributions.
Feature is opensource Open source. In Aspire 3.3, most connectors are built using the NoSQL Connector Framework. Any marked  are built on the Aspire 2.0. legacy framework and are still available in Aspire 3.3 (for backwards compatiblity). 


Standalone Testing of Connectors

See Standalone Mode for details about testing scanners outside of Aspire.

NoSQL Connector Framework

See the NoSQL Connector Framework Overview for details about the framework used to build the scanners.

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