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The Snapshot Job To Result Stage component copies the job's object data into the result - plus a number of other job statistics. Used as a debugging tool, since the job's result data is usually logged or stored by feeders.

Object Data and Result Data

Every Job has both object data - i.e. the data being processed - and result data.

Result data is the results of processing the job. Most of the time it is "null".

However, if some stage has an error while executing the job, or decides to attach a warning message to the job, the result data will contain this information.

Result data is returned back to the feeder of the job, which will often store the result information in a file or log file somewhere so it can be examined later by administrators - especially when looking for exception errors.

Therefore, it is sometimes useful to snapshot the job object data itself into the result data. Since the result is saved for later, snapshotting the job data itself into the result provides a way to view the object data as well.


Snapshot Job to Result
Factory Namecom.searchtechnologies.aspire:aspire-tools


InputsThe job dat.
OutputsThe job's result data is increased by including the job's object data.


 <component name="snapshotJobToResult" subType="snapshotJobToResult" factoryName="aspire-tools"/>


The result will include:

  • The job status
  • The job ID
  • The Java class name of the job object
  • The submitter ID of the job
  • The parent Job ID
  • Subjob statistics
    • Count of sub jobs
    • Number of sub jobs which returned errors
    • Number of sub jobs outstanding
    • The current setting for the subjob wait timeout

Plus the job's entire AspireObject itself.


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