Aspire Solutions

Aspire lets you add and configure services through the Admin UI. In previous Aspire versions these were components that required file based configuration. Additional features support the Administration workflow to include a single solution component comprised of a series of sub-components with a preset configuration and an overall workflow logic.

  • OCR Solution
    A single, installable component to process images already stored in the Aspire Staging Repository, perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and load the derived text back into the Staging Repository. The typical use is to publish that text to a search engine, thus supporting search of words represented in image file documents.
  • Semantic Co-occurrence Solution THIS ITEM IS BEING DEPRECATED.

    A single, installable component to create metadata that supports a semantic search solution. Wikipedia, Wikilinks, DBpedia and custom phrase resources are used to identify phrases for semantic co-occurrence.
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