For version 4.0 and above, Aspire requires a license file to start. Without a valid license file Aspire will shutdown immediately. An expired license file is not considered as invalid.

Requesting a License

To request any type of license it is required to have a valid user registration in the Aspire entitlements system (go to Once you have registered, send an email to [email protected] asking for a license and you'll get a license file that matches your subscription. Don't forget to add the email of the registered user.

Setting the License

By default Aspire will try to get the license file from <aspire_home>\config\license\AspireLicense.lic. If you want to set a different file path for your license set the system property com.searchtechnologies.aspire.licensing.license on your Aspire start up script. This should point to the license file and not the folder containing the license (i.e. \config\AspireLicense-Prod.lic instead of \config). To install the license, just copy the license file to the right location.

Checking the License 

To see the validation and expiration date of the loaded licenses go to the About Aspire section. You'll see the following dialog:

Expired License Error

This message will be displayed as soon as your license validity period expires.

Unlicensed Error message

This message will be displayed if an invalid license is loaded or if there is no license at all.

License Reload

Aspire will reload the license automatically every 24hrs. You can also go to the debug console and manually reload the license by running the licenseCheck schedule. Once the licenseCheck is done, just refresh the Aspire UI from the browser and the new License information should be available.

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