The Aspire Parcel is a Cloudera package that allows you to distribute an Aspire Distribution on a Cloudera cluster environment. The Aspire Cloudera is a compiled jar that the Cloudera Manager uses to install, configure and manage Aspire as a service inside Cloudera. 


Some of the features of the Aspire Parcel and Service connector include:

  • Aspire full functionality inside Cloudera
  • Configure Aspire from the Cloudera Manager
  • Simultaneously configure multiple instances of Aspire
  • Use Zookeeper to synchronize multiple Aspire instances
  • (Optional) Use Mongo or HBase as NoSQL DB


Aspire Parcel and Service has the following limitations:

  • Only the properties supported by the service can be configured from the Cloudera Manager.
  • Any other settings must be configured from the templates of the settings files.

Supported CHD Versions

The parcel and service should work for all 5.x CHD versions, but only has been tested in the 5.9 and 5.12 versions

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