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Version of Box Required

The Aspire Box connector was created and tested using an Enterprise account.

Before installing the Box connector, make sure that:

  • Box is up and running
  • Have a Box account available
  • You will also need to create a Box application.
  • You have a Box Application created.
  • You need the Box Client ID (from Box application)
  • You have the Box Client Secret (from Box application)
  • This connector will use  JWT authentication supported by Box repository. So, you will have two options give the path of the config json file with the privateKey information of application. Or give the individual fields of public Key id, private encrypted key, password for the private key and the enterprise id.

User Account Requirements 

In order to access Box, you need the admin or owner user of the Box account; you would also need to get registered for an application (

Windows or Linux

The Box connector runs on either Windows or Linux.

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