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The File system connector will crawl content from the file system location. 

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Some features of the File System connector include:

  • Performs incremental crawling (so that only new/updated documents are indexed)
  • Metadata extraction
  • Is search engine independent
  • Runs from any machine with access to the given folder
  • Filter the crawled documents by paths (including file names) using regex patterns
  • Supports Windows/Linux/MacOS file systems
  • Supports Archive file processing, for more info visit Archive files processing

Content Retrieved

The File System connector retrieves several types of documents. Listed below are the inclusions and exclusions to these documents.


  • Folder
  • Files


The File System connector has the following limitations:

It does not feature Document Level security. Please use the CIFS Connector instead.

Anything we should add? Please let us know.

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