What does the received data look like?

If you post parameters to the listener, each parameter is added to the AspireObject. There's also a head that holds the request parameters. If you browse to http://localhost:50505/process?param1=value1&param2=value2 you'll get an AspireObject that looks like this:

   <aspireHttpFeederServlet remotePort="52124" relativePath="/xml-search" serverName="localhost" source="HTTPFeederServlet"
      remoteHost="" serverPort="50505" remoteAddr="" fullPath="/cgi-bin/xml-search" servletPath="/cgi-bin">
   <param1 source="HTTPFeederServlet">value1</param1>
   <param2 source="HTTPFeederServlet">value2</param2>

How do I handle the data stream?

When data is streamed to the listener via POST will be set as an input stream attached to the job. You can access the data using the Standards.Basic.getContentStream(Job j) method in the package com.accenture.aspire.framework from a custom rule in the workflow. This also means that you can follow the listener with any application that expect a stream (such as Extract Text) or a custom application that uses the content stream. The following components can be used to process the stream XML Sub Job ExtractorTabular Files ExtractorXML File Loader, and Extract Text.


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