The HTTP listener connector allows content to be pushed to Aspire via HTTP. It listens on a configurable endpoint on the Aspire port. Content received is turned in to an Aspire job which is then sent to a workflow processor from where modifcations may be made to the data, or it could be published to (say) a search engine using one of the available Aspire Publishers. Once workflow processing is complete, the data is returned to the called via an optional XSL transform .


Some of the features of the HTTP listener include:

  • Listens on a configurable endpoint
  • Accepts connections via HTTP or HTTPS (following the Aspire configuration - see here)
  • Collects parameters from GET requests
  • Accepts posted content
    • Including multi-part forms
  • Processes content via Aspire jobs and Workflows
  • Returns data to caller
    • Via configurable transform
  • Configurable mime type return
    • Including extracting mime type from job data