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All Aspire users must register in order to download the software.

Registration is quick and easy. It can be done by writing an email to 

  • Registration simply requires you to establish a login and password. Once registration is complete, you can download Aspire Community (Deprecated) or Aspire Basic and Enterprise if you have purchased a license.
  • See Aspire Licensing for information on obtaining a license.
  • Registration gives you access to pre-built binaries and to the Maven repository where you can download dozens of useful Aspire components. 

1. Send an email to The Aspire Support team will ask for relevant project details (including licensing info), and will subsequently send you an email confirming your login details (username and password).

2. Upon successful Aspire account registration, the Aspire Support team will send your login details which will be used for download and configuration purposes (e.g. Maven Repository, NoSQL provider, Aspire Configuration).

3. Using the credentials provided in step 2, download the Aspire Binaries.

Should you need to reset your password, please send an email to An Aspire Support team member will attend to your password reset request shortly.

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