Version of OneDrive Required

The Aspire OneDrive connector was created and tested using Office 365 OneDrive.

Before installing the OneDrive connector, make sure that:

  • OneDrive is up and running
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User Account Requirements 

In order to access OneDrive an user account with sufficient privileges must be supplied.

Azure AD Application 

In order to access OneDrive APIs (Microsoft Graph), you'll need to create an Azure AD Application. 

Create the Azure AD application

  1. Log into the Azure Management Portal
  2. Click on “Azure Active Directory” option
  3. Select the “App registrations” option
  4. Click on “New application registration” button
  5. Create the application using the following values:
    1. Name: Any name you want. Ex.: “Aspire OneDrive Connector Dev”
    2. Application type: “Web app / API”
    3. Sign-on URL: Any unique URL. Ex.: “
  6. Click on “Create” button
  7. Select the application name in the list of applications to get to the application settings
  8. Select the “Properties” option and copy the “Application ID” value (used in the connector configuration)

Assign permissions to the application

  1. On the application settings select “Required permissions”
  2. Click on “Add” button
  3. Click on “Select API”
  4. Select the “Microsoft Graph” option
  5. Click on “Select” button
  6. On Application Permissions, select the following:
    • Read files in all site collections (Files.Read.All)
    • Read and write files in all site collections (Files.ReadWrite.All)
    • Read all users’ full profiles (User.Read.All)
    • Read directory data (Directory.Read.All)
    • Read all groups (Group.Read.All)
    • Read and write items in all site collections (Sites.ReadWrite.All)
    • Read items in all site collections (Sites.Read.All)
  7. Click on “Save”
  8. Click on “Grant Permissions”
    • Click on “Yes” when prompted

Create the application key

  1. On the application setting select “Keys”
  2. Add the following values to the key:
    • Description: any description. Ex.: “Aspire OneDrive Connector Dev Key”
    • Expires: select any duration based on the company policy. If the duration is not “Never expires”, a new key should be generated in Azure AD, and modified in the crawler properties before the expiration date.
  3. Click on “Save” to generate the Key value. Copy this value (used in the connector configuration)

Windows or Linux

The OneDrive connector run on either Windows or Linux.

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