The processor that produces renditions for PDF documents. The processor uses a utility called ImageMagick to produce renditions and requires ImageMagick to be installed on the server. ImageMagick can be downloaded from ImageMagick in turn, makes use of GhostScript. GhostScript can be downloaded from

Installation and configuration

Step 1. Launch Aspire and Open the Services Management Page

  1. Launch Aspire (if it's not already running).
  2. Go to Launch Control.
  3. Browse to: http://localhost:50505

For details on using the Aspire Services Management page, see Admin UI.

Step 2. Add a new PDF Rendering Engine

  1. From Services, click Add Service.
  2. Click PDF Rendering Engine.

If the service is not shown, you can install a custom service with the co-ordinates

Step 2a. Specify Basic Information

  1. Enter a service name or leave as default.
  2. Click the Service tab at the top of the screen or use the “arrow” at the right of the screen to move to the service configuration screen. You will now see the service configuration.

Step 2b. Specify Service Information

In the Service tab, specify the information required:

  1. ImageMagick executableThe path to the ImageMagick executable. Can be relative or absolute
  2. Debug: Select this if you want debug messages to be logged

Click Save and Done to return to the Services Manager

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