The Publish to SolrCloud publisher will post documents to the SolrCloud index using the SolrJ Library. SolrJ has a CloudSolrClient class to communicate with SolrCloud. Instances of this class communicate with Zookeeper to discover Solr endpoints for SolrCloud collections and then perform requests.  

This version of the publisher offers two approaches for connection:

  • CloudSolrClient that uses a Zookeeper host and port list.
  • HttpSolrClient that uses a unique Solr host and port.

For the Kerberos Authentication, this publisher uses a custom KerberizedHttpClient and a LoginContext to perform the impersonation with the Kerberos keytab and principal.


Some of the features of the Publish to SolrCloud publisher include:

  • Customizable feed to the Solr index by editing the XSLT file

  • Specify the zookeeper server and port

  • Is connector independent

  • XSL transformations

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