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Review the prerequisites for using Salesforce Connector.

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Version of Salesforce required

The Aspire Salesforce connector was created and tested using Summer '16 (version 37)..

Before installing the Salesforce connector, make sure that:

  • Salesforce is up and running

User Account Requirements 

In order to access Salesforce an user account with sufficient privileges must be supplied. It is recommended the account be the site administrator.

Configuration Requirements

Before installing the Aspire Salesforce Connector, make sure that:

You will need all those credentials later, as part of installing the Salesforce Connector.

To use the TYPEOF statements in the sQueries.xml file, you need to enable this feature in your Salesforce instance.


Windows or Linux

The Aspire SalesForce connector can run on either Windows or Linux. It uses the SOAP/REST API over HTTP or HTTPS to communicate with SalesForce.

SalesForce Connector use the following web services:

  • REST API v37.0
  • SOAP API v37.0


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