The SharePoint 2016 connector will crawl content from any SharePoint 2016 site collection URL. 

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Some of the features of the SharePoint 2016 connector include:

  • Performs incremental crawling (so that only new/updated documents are indexed) using SharePoint's change log timestamp or Aspire Snapshots.
  • Fetches access control lists (ACLs) for document level security
  • Is search engine independent
  • Runs from any machine with access to the given SharePoint URLs
  • Supports NTLM and HTTPs
  • Support for BCS external lists
  • Designed for supporting early binding mechanisms
  • Runs without installing anything on SharePoint
  • Regular expression patterns for files to include / exclude

Content Retrieved

The SharePoint 2016 connector retrieves several types of documents. Listed below are the inclusions and exclusions of these documents.


  • Sites
  • Lists
  • External Lists (BCS)
  • Folders
  • Documents or List Items
  • Attachments

ListItems can take a number of different formats. For example, documents (pdf, doc, ppt, etc), calendar events or announcements. For more info on how ListItems content types work go to the MSDN article.


Due to API limitations, SharePoint 2016 connector has the following limitations:

  • The connector uses the REST API to access SharePoint database(s) directly; it doesn't do web crawling.
  • Crawling is only supported using a Site or a List as a root url.

Future Development Plan 

The following features are not currently implemented, but are on the development plan:

  • Index and support people search

Anything we should add? Please let us know.

SharePoint Architecture

Find detailed information on MSDN article.

Summary of SharePoint organization

This is the hierarchy of processes/applications/sites/sub-sites/libraries/folders/documents within SharePoint.

  • SharePoint Server
    • SharePoint Web Application Pool
      • SharePoint Web Application (single web application)
        • Main Site Collection (the primary or main site created for the web application, associated with the primary URL)
          • Sub Sites
            • Document Libraries
              • Folders
                • Documents
                  • Attachments
        • Other Site Collections
          • Sub Sites
            • Document Libraries
              • Folders
                • Documents
                  • Attachments

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