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Version of SharePoint 2016 Required

The connector works on SharePoint 2016.

Before installing the SharePoint 2016 connector, make sure that:

  • The SharePoint 2016 webs that will be crawled are up and running

User Account Requirements 

In order to access SharePoint Rest API, an Active Directory Windows User account with sufficient privileges must be supplied. All urls crawled from the same connector will use the same credentials.

To crawl SharePoint you'll need the following permissions:

  • Full Read on the WebApplication

This permission will allow the user to read last modification dates of documents and sites and will allow for incremental indexing of SharePoint content.

  • Read on the SiteCollection

This permission is required to get all items from the site collection

It is recommended that the account be the site collection administrator. See Step 1: Set SharePoint Access Rights for more info on how to set the permissions.

Windows or Linux

The Aspire SharePoint 2016 connector can run on either Windows or Linux. It uses the Rest API to communicate with SharePoint.

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